Investment Approach

In 2014, Joe Klunk founded KTECH Capital, LLC.

KTECH provides seed stage and other private equity funding to entrepreneurial businesses.  Joe serves as the company's Managing Partner.  In that role, he carefully selects and manages a portfolio of tech-savvy investments that strive to produce social or environmental benefits as well as superior financial returns.

KTECH aims to build a balanced portfolio of early stage, growth and mature companies operating in a diverse mix of industry verticals. Unlike traditional venture capital funds, KTECH is a private family holding company and as such, looks to create enterprise value over an indefinite time frame. 

Favorable criteria for investment include: exceptional management talent, scalable niche markets, disruptive products that are a "must have" versus a "nice to have", intellectual property barriers and a lead investor (other than KTECH) who can drive a successful exit.

On select occasions, KTECH will invest in public securities that it deems are meaningfully undervalued.